surviving to Thriving

28 days to overcome overwhelm
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Why this course was created

You are tired of running on empty, tired of feeling exhausted and just existing. 

Everyone else around you appears to have it all together and you feel like your world is crumbling around you.

You are ready to say goodbye to feelings of self-sabotage and not being good enough. You are ready to say hello to calm, ease and abundant living.

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed isn’t a badge of honour. You aren’t doing yourself any favours by continuing to struggle and stay in the feeling of overwhelm.

You’re the strong one in your family and have to hold it all together, yet you need someone to talk to, offload some of the frustrations, fears and uncertainties that are swirling around in your head.

Surviving to Thriving is a 28 day group program designed to help calm the overwhelm, create a plan of action and, empower you to thrive going forward without the constant overwhelm and stress.

It’s time you build a magical life… Become the best version of yourself and create the life you crave to impact the world on a deeper level.

What’s included in the survive 2 Thrive program

to ditch overwhelm and embrace calm : You’ll learn strategies that you can draw on anytime you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by a situation you are in.
Create a plan, structure and strategy for the next 90 days : Without a plan, structure and a strategy, overwhelm and panic thrive.
Uncover and release limiting beliefs and blocks that are keeping you stuck in overwhelm :  For you to grow, thrive and step into ease and calm.
 Weekly modules : Over the 28 days you will receive 4 modules, 1 being a Rapid Transformational Therapy Session to release the blocks that are keeping you stuck in overwhelm & anxiety.

It’s time to start THRIVING !


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What you will get :

4 x 1:1 bespoke, coaching calls to support you over the 28 days
Support via messenger / email for the duration of the 28 days

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