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Start building your emotional resilience and be the strong pillar of support without the tears

You lie awake at night tossing and turning, unable to get back to sleep…. Thoughts are swirling around your head non stop.

The alarm goes off in the morning and you stumble out of bed and drag yourself off to have a shower. As the water runs over your face you start to cry. You feel okay to cry in the shower as the noise of the running water masks the sound of your sobs.

You get out of the shower, dry yourself off and put on your mask, the mask of faked happiness so the rest of the world doesn’t see you are crumbling inside.

You go about your day with a brave face all the while feeling SO alone and wondering what is wrong with you. Why are you feeling this way?

To everyone you appear to have it all, the dream job / business, an amazing family, lovely home, car. The perfect situation. Meanwhile you are so unhappy, you cry in the shower and lie awake at night not able to sleep.

Everyone comes to you with their problems. You are their rock and solid pillar of support, yet you feel you have NO one to go to. No one will understand why you are feeling the way you are feeling, because after all you are the one who everyone else depends on.

Let me tell you something…..

I’ve been there. I am the one who everyone depends on, in my immediate and extended family, my friends and clients. I too felt that I was the only one who was feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility. It felt like everyone else I knew who was the pillar for their community seemed to have it all together.

That isn’t the case. Even the strong people need support too and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You will not find it in the usual places, like your family and friends. You need to find the support from someone else who understands, who can hold a safe, non-judgmental & confidential space for you.

To build emotional resilience to be able to support yourself and those around you in challenging situations. To have someone to express your deepest fears and frustrations.

Allowing yourself to continue to feel overwhelmed and stressed isn’t a badge of honour. You are doing yourself the biggest disservice every. You are setting yourself up for severe, long term health issues and relationship breakdowns.

As the story goes, put on your own oxygen mask first before trying to help others around you.

Are you putting on your own oxygen mask?

Are you putting yourself and your needs first so you can be there to be the support pillar for those around you?

Is it time for you to get the support you need?

If you can relate to this in anyway, it’s time to book a call with me and get yourself the support you need.

Start building your emotional resilience and be the strong pillar of support without the tears.

Investment starts at £4000 for 3 months