Meet Jacqui

I am curious about life in so many ways! Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, I moved to the UK in December 2016.

I hold an Integral Coaching qualification and an ICF ACC accreditation.

I am trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Reiki  & Enneagram.


  • I’ve started, managed and sold 2 successful businesses in South Africa;
  • I have trained teams across various countries in productivity, time management and leadership;
  • I survived an emotionally abusive marriage;
  • I started over in a new country, halfway across the world at the age of 42.
  • I am a DIY enthusiast.
  • Over the weekend you’ll find me in my garden during the summer
  • I have 2 crazy Spaniels who enjoy going for walks.
  • I am the mother to two of the most amazing women on the planet.

I see life as an adventure to be lived to the full. No half measures.